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Gevarm D4: An Economical MAT-49 Alternative

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Gevarm was the gun-making subsidiary of Gevelot, a long-standing French ammunition manufacturer. In 1956 they brought a simple new submachine gun to market. It was chambered for 9mm Parabellum, with a simple blowback action. The construction was very basic, a combination of a tube receiver, stamped and flat components. There were two versions available; the D4 with a collapsing wire stock and the D3 with a fixed wooden stock (our example in today’s video is a D3). NOTE: I got these designations backwards in the video; sorry!

The French Army tested the gun and found it generally good (although they didn’t like the notch sights). The Army had already adopted the MAT-49 and was happy with it, and so a military adoption had never been likely. Instead, Gevarm marketed the gun to other security organizations in France and to export sales. They did make some contracts, and produced 3-4 thousand of the guns. The French CRS and Paris Police both purchased some, along with some Middle Eastern exports. Given the low manufacturing cost, the project was not a glowing success, but not a failure either.

Many thanks to the IRCGN (Institut de Recherche Criminelle de la Gendarmerie Nationale) for allowing me access to film this rare SMG for you!

0:00 Introduction
0:27 History and Impact of Gevarm, the French Arms Manufacturer
1:39 Detailed Examination of Gevarm D3 and D4 Submachine Guns
3:45 Overview of Gun Features: Sights and Sling Attachments
4:18 Disassembly and Reassembly of the Gevarm D4
7:27 In-depth Look at the Fire Control Group and Receiver
9:20 Testing and Adoption of the Gevarm D4
10:36 Sales and Usage of the Gevarm D4
11:21 Conclusion and Thanks to the IRCGN

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