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Charger Loading Lee-Enfield Mk.1* (CLLE, An Upgraded Long Lee For The Yeomanry / Territorials)

Once the regular army had upgraded to the charger loaded SMLE Mk.1 and Mk.3, how did the part-time Yeomanry (the Territorials, forerunner of the modern Territorial Army) get a cost-effective upgrade? The simple answer is that earlier patterns of Long Lee Metfords and Lee Enfields were given an upgrade to their sights, and the charger bridge off an SMLE Mk.III, basically giving full throat to the lessons learned in the Boer War without going to the much higher cost of converting the earlier rifles to SMLE Mk.2 (con’d) or Mk.4 (con’d).

This particular example is a CLLE Mk.1*, converted from a Magazine Lee Enfield Mk.1 and not upgraded for Mk.VII ammunition.

It’s marked to the 7th Battalion Notts and Derbys, i.e. the Robin Hood battalion of the Sherwood Foresters.

0:00 Introduction to the episode and overview of an old Enfield
1:14 Features and improvements in SMLE Mark 3
3:14 Conversion of long rifles to different marks
6:43 Description of the magazine cutoff function and dial sights
8:03 Conversion markings and precautions while removing the butts of Enfield rifles
10:15 Details on the rear sight adjustments and comparison of rifles
13:08 Comparison of different types of magazine and their usage in wars
14:37 Mark 6 and Mark 7 ammunition and condition of the rifle
16:35 Safety of shooting modern ammunition in these rifles and addressing Fuddism
17:19 Promotion: Introduction to Weapons and War TV
17:48 Thanks to supporters and closing remarks
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