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Correcting Gun Myths w/ Bloke on the Range: StGs, Carbines, and M16s

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#1: The AK is copied from the Sturmgewehr
#2: Mattel made M16s
#3: Chinese jackets in Korea stopped .30 Carbine rounds

0:00 Introduction and discussion on the Lynx Brutality match in Slovenia
0:28 Debunking and comparison of firearm myths: AK vs Sturmgewehr
3:11 The history and development of AK with the French and German influence
5:23 Detailed analysis of the AK receiver and its construction
6:59 Debunking the myth: Mattel M16 and a comparison with M14
10:19 Debunking the myth: M1 carbine’s stopping power and a comparison with 45 ACP
13:20 In-depth discussion on shooting under stress and misconceptions about M1 Carbine
14:38 Energy, power and popularity of M1 Carbine on the battlefield
16:10 Introduction to Bloke on the Range channel and wrap up

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