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CnB’s Q&A #1: Announcements and answers

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the 500th video on my channel, and it is also the start of a new series that will be online every two weeks. If you have questions, please comment in the pinned post in the comment section. Starts with some important announcements. 1st of all we are happy to take part in an excellent project led by Forgotten Weapons, to create a safe place for quality firearms history related educational content on the web. Capandball is proud to be member of the family. Please visit for further information. You will find already 4500 videos here, including the most valuable part of the Capandball channel, with some exclusive content.

We also change a lot on how we communicate on Patreon. I will be more active there, and we’ll post exclusive content for supporters, that have also additional benefits. Please visit our Patreon page:

Chapters of the Q&A#1 video:
00:36 Announcement of History of Weapons & Wars platform
1:53 Announcement of changes to our Patreon communication
2:31 Is the same diameter bullet needed for single or double layer patched bullets?
3:56 Does the rotation of the direction matter when paper patching a bullet?
5:37 How can one hunt in Hungary?
8:39 Why did not the Austrians care about the damage of the steel ramrod in the bore?
10:13 What is the best brand/model for a beginner muzzle loading shooters?
12:25 Which is Capandball’s favorite gun?
14:42 How long does it take to accurize a gun?
16:48 Which is Capandball’s favorite single shot military rifle?
18:10 Is there any advantage of alloying paper patched bullets?

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