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History of Weapons And War App Launch! 40% Off Today With Code “WEAPONSWAR40” (22 September 2023)

BotR is very proud to be part of the new streaming service for historical & education firearms video content: History of Weapons and War. This project has been driven by Ian of Forgotten Weapons, and is a collaboration with us and six other firearms channels to put what we believe to be the best educational gun content in one place – outside of the reach of YouTube instabans, demonetisations etc.

The aim is not to replace individual channel support via Patreon or Playeur, but to give another option for people to support us gun nerd content producers. This aim is also reflected in the pricing structure, which is $9.99 per month, or $99 per year, for access to the entire platform.

To sign up, just go to:

We have a special discount code for you (all Patreon and Playeur supporters for all 8 channels) – “WEAPONSWAR40” will get you 40% off your first month on the launch date (22 September 2023). After you sign up on the web site, you can go to your platform of choice, download the app, login in, and start watching! We are available on:

– Apple TV (aka tvOS)

– Apple App Store

– Android App Store

– Android TV

– Roku

– Amazon Fire TV

– Web browser

Please subscribe directly via the link and not through one of the app stores, cos the commission they take is massive (like 30%). There’s no ads, nor will there ever be, and your subscription goes directly to support all the participating channels.

Hope to see you on the app!


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