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Armourer’s Bench Joining the New History of Weapons & War App!

We are excited to announce that TAB will be joining the new video streaming app History of Weapons & War, launched by our friend Ian of Forgotten Weapons. We were flattered to be amongst the first group of channels to be asked to join the app.

We’re really pleased to be joining our friends at Bloke on the Range, British Muzzleloaders, the Royal Armouries, Cap & Ball EU, Legacy Collectibles, Nine Hole Reviews and of course Forgotten Weapons!

All of these channels approach military and gun history in their own fantastic, unique ways so there is a vast plethora of cool and interesting content on the app from the beginning. There are currently around 5,000 videos on the app and counting.

The app is available on various platforms including tvOS (aka Apple TV), iOS (aka Apple App Store), Android TV, Android App Store, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. The best place to sign up is directly at and sign up there, then download the app on your platform of choice!

A History of Weapons & Warsubscription is $9.99 a month, or around $99.99 a year.

For Friday 22nd September, there is a one day only 40% off the first month coupon code – ‘WEAPONSWAR40’.

So head to, check out the site/app and sign up!

Be sure to check out our accompanying article for this video here –

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