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That One Terrible Gun Myth in Siege of Jadotville…

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The Netflix film “The Siege of Jadotville” recounts the fighting between Katanga soldiers and mercenaries and Company A of the 35th Irish Infantry Battalion, who were deployed to the Katanga province of Congo in 1961 as part of the UN peacekeeping mission there. The Irish soldiers fought valiantly and won a tactical victory, but ran out of food and ammunition and were forced to surrender. They were held captive for about a month before being released, and the fact that they had to surrender put a pall over the story for many decades. The movie helps to rehabilitate their image, and is generally outstanding in technical firearms matters.

BUT…it has that one scene where the sniper has to make a long-range precise shot and opts to do it with a Bren gun and a single cartridge instead of his No4 MkI(T) sniper’s rifle. There has long been a myth about the Bren gun’s accuracy, and this is just another repetition of it.

For a live-fire practical debunking, see the video from The Armourer’s Bench:

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