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L1A1 SLR at Finnish Brutality 2023: Bloke’s Stages @varusteleka

Allyness saves lives!

Bloke takes his 7.62 NATO BSA L1A1 SLR and Browning Hi-Power Mk.1 to @varusteleka ‘s Finnish Brutality 2023, LARPing in Breacher category in full late-70’s-early-80’s British Army style, even down to the dodgy facial hair. How did this out of shape office monkey get on with the 10 stages and 10 Breacher physical challenges?

.308 123gn ammo by SAKO, pistol ammo by Geco. Original 58 Pattern webbing (plus a 44 Pattern water bottle), original 1968 Pattern smock and trousers, original Boots, DMS and puttees! The one point where the LARP was broken is the Primary Arms SLx 3x microprism scope direct mounted on a @dsainc DS Arms Picatinny / ACOG rail.

Thanks to @AdministrativeResults for the thumbnail photo! Also featuring @ForgottenWeapons @PolenarTactical and many others!


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