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Introducing the BD-38: A New Production Copy of the German MP-38

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There has never been a proper semiauto version of the MP40 available in the US, until now. SSD (Sport-Systeme Dittrich) is a German company that has been making semiauto copies of German WW2 small arms for quite some time, and they now have a US partner in the DK Production Group. They plan to release a variety of different rifles here, and chose to begin with the MP-38.

The MP-38 was the initial production version of what became the MP-40. It had a few distinctive differences from the much more common later model, notably the fluted lightening cuts on the receiver and the lack of a proper safety mechanism. Only about 42,000 MP-38s were made before production changed to the improved MP-40, and original configuration ones are extremely rare today.

The semiauto BD-38 is an extremely good copy of the MP-38. Despite being redesigned a bit internally to use a hammer and fire from a closed bolt, it matches the handling and feel of the original very well. It is chambered for 9×19, of course, and uses the original MP38/MP40 magazine (and DK Production makes and sells new magazines). I got mine SBR’d immediately upon receipt so that I could install a proper stock on it, but it is sold in pistol configuration so that one does not need to go through the NFA process. Mine has been reliable – which is really should be, considering the remarkably high price – and fills a long-standing hole in available WW2 small arms. I’m looking forward to seeing future releases from DK as well!

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