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AK102 / AK-Niner Mk3 to 500yds: Practical Accuracy | Sureshot SAG Chassis, ACSS Holosun

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This rifle came so close to taking top-spot on our Practical Accuracy series… but like that, lady luck gives us a black-eye with ample emotional damage.

The AK Niner was a project based on a hybrid AK101/AK102 Russian Kalashnikov Concern made rifle that Henry salvaged. It showed the viability of a 5.56 AK in the world of options… but the Mk3 version truly unleashes it’s potential with an upgraded Sureshot Armament Group Mk3 chassis and Primary Arms / Holosun ACSS optic options.

The rifle now feels more like an AR or western styled rifle than it does an AK-based rifle, and that’s not a knock to it. With the option to increase gassing with a suppressor, the system balances reliability and accuracy without the sacrifice of “shoot-ability” and heavy weight like traditional Zenitco-modernized AK systems.

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Rifle was a Russian Saiga 5.56 from the Izhmash/ Kalashnikov Concern. Shot with Fiocchi 55grain ball.

Distance Conversion:
150y – 137m
200y – 182m
250y – 229m
300y – 274m
350y – 320m
400y – 366m
450y – 411m
500y – 457m

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