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Otterup Model 69: From German Sword to Danish Plowshare

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The Schultz & Larsen company in Otterup, Denmark was a venture formed by a gunsmithing shop and a very successful target shooter to make precision rifles. In 1919, they are able to purchase a bunch of German arsenal tooling for pennies because of the Treaty of Versailles. They made a number of rifles, both military and sporting, in the 1920s and 1930s. In the aftermath of World War Two, they turned to using surplus German K98k rifles as the basis for hunting and precision sporting rifles. They make a series of different models (1952, 1958, and ultimately 1969) with various improved features.

The model 1969 is the final version, which uses a German bolt and receiver fitted with a heavy new barrel (typically in 6.5x55mm), a new stock with a significant pistol grip (similar to the Swedish CG63), a very nice Danish target trigger, and a set of precision aperture sights. The rifles were a staple of Danish competition shooters for several decades.

Thanks to the Southern Iceland Shooting Association for helping me film this and other cool guns in Iceland!

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