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Murtenschiessen 2023: 200-ish m, downhill, no sighters, K31

For the third time on the channel and the fourth time ever, Bloke takes on the Murtenschiessen! Celebrating the 1476 rampaging victory of the Swiss Confederates against the Burgundians under Charles the Bold, we shoot 12 rounds in 4 minutes max, downhill, with no sighters, against a target that’s different each year, at “about” 200m with either a Kar 31, G11 Langgewehr, Stgw 90 / PE 90 / SIG 550 or Stgw 57 / SIG 510 in 7.5×55 GP11 or 5.6x45mm GP90. Two to a target. Fun for all the family!


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