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The French Intervention: The Chap Has Become A Problem… #Finnishbrutality2023

The Chap, being a Frenchman by birth, has been insisting on bringing French gats to Finnish and Lynx Brutalities. These have been giving him all manner of issues over the past few years. The Cabal took notice and was displeased with the situation, so an intervention was staged.

Yes, we ripped off the red pill blue pill scene from the Matrix, and added a bit of the Koyabashi Explains scene from The Usual Suspects in there, particularly the delivery which apes that of Pete Postlethwaite as Koyabashi. There’s a bit of Dr. Evil and Gus Fring in there too…

Thanks to Pascal @f4e_irt_brody for playing the henchman!

MAB 15, MAC 50, MAS 44/56, FAMAS, 7.5×54 7.5 French VHS 2 VHS-2 Hellion


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