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Modernizing the G3 – HK91 | The Swedish ?? AK4D ?? (HK91-G3 Part 2)

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Why should you modernize your G3?

While there are many new offerings in the semi-auto 7.62NATO rifle class of rifles, the G3 remains as one of the only classic battle rifles that has been modernized for contemporary duty use. What makes this rifle still relevant after more than 60 years of service?

Specifically, the Swedish AK4D marksman’s rifle and the Portuguese enhanced G3 Assaulter’s rifle. How do they stack up as an enhanced vintage rifle in their roles? We discover.

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0:00 – Midway
00:10 – Intro Reel
01:29 – The Modernized G3 / AK4D
02:04 – Why Modernize?
03:24 – Sweden and Portugal
04:41 – Modernizing the PTR91
05:51 – The Marksman
09:05 – Accuracy
11:16 – The Assaulter
13:29 – Recoil
18:11 – Other Considerations
19:25 – So why G3?
21:26 – Civilian – Hop’s G3
22:02 – Conclusion
24:52 – SBI
26:48 – Special Thanks
27:10 – Redcon

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