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Germany’s G3 – HK91, the birth of H&K (Heckler & Koch) – feat. PTR-91

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The G3 is a legend that needs no other mention. Of all the cold war battle rifles, @HecklerKochTV ‘s G3 / HK91 perhaps is one rifle that still serves globally in large numbers.

We set off on our journey to discover the windy path that the roller delayed blowback system took before it ended up as the G3, and why this rifle became the prologue to a series of successful products that propped up H&K as an international small arms giant.

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0:00 – Midway
00:16 – Intro Reel
01:29 – The G3
02:30 – History Delayed Blowback
03:08 – The FN FAL/G1
04:16 – The Bundeswehr’s G3
07:20 – How Roller Delayed Blowback Works
13:30 – Core rifle features
14:24 – Iron Sights
15:47 – Recoil Control
19:42 – Ammo Selection
20:24 – Conclusion
22:44 – Preview
23:21 – SBI
24:49 – Special Thanks
25:01 – Redcon

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