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Start Your Winchester Collection

Looking to start or improve a Winchester collection? Here are 5 great ways to do it! The Winchesters shown here offer classic appeal, special order features, old school practicality, and more than a little nostalgia for the budding collector.

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00:30 – Antique Winchester Model 1886 Saddle Ring Carbine in .45-70 WCF (Lot 10)
01:40 – Civil War Era New Haven Arms Co. Henry Lever Action Rifle (Lot 4004)
03:07 – Special Order Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action Carbine (Lot 5)
04:27 – Winchester Model 1895 Lever Action Rifle in .405 W.C.F. (Lot 9)
05:23 – Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Saddle Ring Carbine (Lot 25)

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