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Remington’s Only Lever-Action: The Nylon 76 “Trail Rider”

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In 1962, Remington tried to exploit the popularity of pop-culture cowboys by introducing a lever-action version of its of its Nylon 66 semiauto .22 rifle. This new model was the Nylon 76, named the “Trial Rider”. It used the same faux-wood styled polymer frame as the Nylon 66, and was actually a pretty good rifle. It has a fast bolt throw and is very handy…but a proper cowboys-and-Indians rifle it is not. Little Johnny, it turned out, didn’t really want to play Lucas McCain with a plastic Remington – lever or not. He wanted a proper wooden Winchester! And thus the Nylon 76 ceased production in 1965 with 26,927 made. That’s actually quite a lot, but not nearly as successful as the Nylon 66 parent design.

Thanks to Dutch Hillenburg for loaning me this example to film!

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