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PTR 44 – The FIRST Repro Sturmgewehr StG44

The hottest news out of SHOT Show this year was the new reproduction StG-44 announced by PSA, but did you know they weren’t the first to do it?

In 2009 SSD (Sport System Dittrich) imported their PTR-44 into the U.S. and it was a near EXACT copy of the original. Took original mags, fired 8mm Kurz, right down to some of the same markings, only modified for semi-automatic fire only. They were so exact, their $5,000 cost quickly justified by those who couldn’t afford to purchase an original or who didn’t care to go through the tax stamp process.

Only about 200 were ever imported, driving their prices up even further and keeping the PTR-44 in high demand still today.

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:03 – Intro to the May Premier Auction
00:20 – Sport-System Dittrich (SSD) Model PTR44 Rifle with Scope (Lot 603)
02:21 – WWII Mauser STG 44 with Matching ZF4 Prototype Sniper Scope and Sheet Metal Scope Mount (Lot 1356)
02:42 – Specialized Optics
03:21 – PTR 44 Estimate

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