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BUG Match: SIG P220 Elite 10mm vs Six Hi-Point JXP 10mms

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Previously, I did a Totally Scientific ™ comparison between Bruce Gray’s personal SIG P220 Elite and a flock of six of Hi-Point’s new 10mm JXP pistols. Today, I want to see how the two compare in a more practical test, so I brought them out to the monthly BackUp Gun Match.

Note 1: What I realized by the end of the match is that all the malfunctions in the Hi-Points were the same single issue: my left-handed grip was sometimes bumping the magazine release and causing the magazine to either fall out entirely or drop down enough to not feed. Solution? Practice a different grip or just shoot right handed.

Note 2: I was competing in “Big 5” division, which is for pistols larger than the intended scope of the match. To balance things a bit, the rules require this division to begin with only 5 rounds in the gun. So all of my guns began with 5-round magazines, to be reloaded when appropriate with full-capacity ones (8 in the SIG; 10 in the Hi-Point)

Thanks to Hi-Point for humoring me by sending six JXPs for me to play with, and thanks also to Bruce Gray for entrusting me with his personal 10mm pistol. Neither of them paid me anything.

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