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Repeating Air Guns… in the 18th Century?!

For decades, Dr. Robert D. Beeman has been at the forefront of air gun collecting and research. Also the founder of Beeman Air Guns in 1972, he has been called the “Father of the Adult Airgun Market of the United States.” Now, selections from his phenomenal collection are available at Rock Island Auction Company.

While Dr. Beeman has long specialized in large bore antique air guns, the highlights here show the extraordinary variety resulting from his dedication. Pistols, rifles, various countries, interesting mechanisms, and variations of the famous Girandoni system (made famous by Lewis & Clark) are just part of what is to be discovered in this fascinating assemblage of repeating air guns.

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00:48 – Girardoni Repeating Air Rifle by J.B. Missillieur of Vienna – Lot 1224
03:00 – Bate “Flintlock” Brown Bess Barrel Reservoir Repeating Air Gun – Lot 1219
03:54 – “Flintlock” Ball Reservoir Air Gun by Edward Bate of London – Lot 225
04:21 – Engraved Early 19th Century Stock Reservoir Air Rifle by E. Bond – Lot 231
05:00 – 18th Century Repeating Air Pistol by Nicolas Bouillet of Paris – Lot 221
07:03 – Engraved Girardoni System Austrian Repeating Air Pistol – Lot 223

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