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Summary Judgment Drops in GWACS vs KE Arms, Russell Phagan, Brownells et al. Judge Excoriates GWACS!

Earlier video:
Link to Summary Judgment:

The Judge has absolutely excoriated GWACS Armory in their suit against KE Arms, @SinistralRifleman (Russell Phagan), @brownells and others over the KP-15 polymer AR15 lower used in the What Would Stoner Do 2020 / WWSD 2020 rifle developed by @InrangeTv leaving not that much remaining…

Here’s what’s hopefully a good summary of the summary judgment. It’s not all over, there’s still a couple of fairly minor points open, but on all the IP stuff they utterly beclowned themselves

@RunkleOfTheBailey has a few deep-dive vids on GWACS vs KE here:
The Vid GWACS tried to ban: />
Note that Karl Kasarda was not named in the suit, although he did give a deposition.


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