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Utreon: A Refuge for GunTubers Sick of YouTube’s Harassment

I have mentioned Utreon before, but it’s really relevant right now, as YouTube has gone on another ridiculous rampage against firearms content. The site continues to grow and improve, and it has a bunch of features that are actually better than YouTube and Patreon – something virtually no other alternative hosting site can claim.

Utreon is fundamentally a combination of independent video hosting and voluntary paid channel subscriptions (YouTube + Patreon). In a nutshell, its benefits are:

– Political & technological independence
– Based on transparency and fairness
– Solid featureset
– Real investor capital to allow it to build a sustainable model as it grows
– Not gun-specific

Utreon is still a small site, tiny compared to a behemoth like YouTube. But it continues to grow and improve, and it is a solid platform for creators to use and earn income on today as a backup or an alternative for a YouTube channel. The Utreon team is responsive and helpful, and they welcome our community of responsible firearms content creators. Try them out – what do you have to lose?

Disclosure: I have no financial stake in Utreon. I just want to see them continue to grow and succeed – they are the most successful refuge form YouTube that I have found.

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