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Desert Brutality 2022: Finland Edition (Valmet & Valmet)

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For my main run through Desert Brutality this year, I decided to have fun with a full historical load out – or at least a mostly-historical load out. I used a Valmet M62/S (the semiauto version of the Finnish Rk62 military rifle) and a Lahti L-35 (Finland’s domestic military pistol). To go along with this, I had a set of Finnish M91 camouflage generously gifted to me by one of the Finnish Brutality 2022 competitors, and a set of Finnish M62 web gear. I dropped one of the magazine pouches and replaced with with a Swedish M40 Lahti holster, which worked surprisingly well.

The uniform didn’t really fit right and the web gear was pretty heavy and mediocre, so really the only inaccurate element was that I was wearing really nice modern boots instead of ill-fitting Finnish surplus rubber ones.

Despite some difficulty on some of the shooting challenges (mores on the rifle than the pistol), I was able to complete the entire match without penalties – the first time I have managed to do that in a Brutality match! I placed 3rd of the 16 people in Iron Sights division and 23rd of 174 competitors total.

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