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Evaluating the Modern Stocked Pistol: USW-320 at Desert Brutality 2022

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This year I was able to shoot Desert Brutality twice – one during the normal match and once the day before as part of “Trooper” division. That’s where you carry all of your gear for the whole match (including food and all ammo) through all of the stages, shoot the whole match in one day, and don’t get to use anything you didn’t bring with you in the morning.

I figured this would be a good opportunity to try out the Brugger & Thomet USW-320. It’s a SIG 320 pistol (registered as an SBR, for legality) in a B&T grip module with a folding stock; really a modern incarnation of the classic stocked-pistol concept. The match this year had no shooting longer than 200 yards, and much of it was done in 50 yard pistol bays. So I figured I could get a good challenge with the long-range stages, but should be able to complete everything else reasonably well. So, let’s see if I was right!

Note: I forgot to mention this in the video, but I chose to remove the compensator from the gun prior to the match because it was just really uncomfortably loud and concussive that close to my face.

0:20 – Introduction
2:02 – Stage 1
6:08 – Stage 2
10:18 – Stage 3
12:08 – Stage 4
14:47 – Stage 5
17:10 – Stage 6
19:11 – Stage 7
20:43 – Conclusions

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