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Clockwork Basilisk Breaks $450k! Time to Call Jonathan Ferguson…

Both Clockwork Basilisk and Tobacco of the Emperor are available for preorder here: />
We’ve now passed the $400k and $450k stretch goals! That means we will be commissioning some custom art for the Clockwork Basilisk frontispiece, and we will be adding more material to the companion book “Who Invented the Wheelgun?”. And who better to write that extra material than Jonathan Ferguson, Keeper of Firearms and Artillery at the Royal Armouries’ National Firearms Centre?

Also, a note to those of you wanting to add Tobacco of the Emperor to your order – if you have already pledged for a copy of Clockwork Basilisk, you do not need to change the base pledge. Just edit it to add the extra book(s) you would like. Here’s a step by step guide:

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