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Announcing “Tobacco of the Emperor” from Headstamp Publishing!

Pre-order your copy of Tobacco of the Emperor today! />
I’m excited to announce an additional new book form Headstamp Publishing: Tobacco of the Emperor, by Patrick Phillips. This is a guide to Japanese cigarettes and related material form the turn of the century until the endow World War Two. Beautifully photographed by James Rupley, it covers:

– General history of tobacco in Japan
– Tobacco in the Japanese military
– Japanese cigarette brands and packaging, and how they changed over time
– Related accessories like pipes, matches, cigarette cases, and lighters
– Foreign cigarettes used by the Japanese from China, Indonesia, Thailand, and elsewhere

We are making this book available for preorder in our ongoing Kickstarter for Clockwork Basilisk. You can order it as a standalone pledge or an add-on item. We are also offering a Japanese bundle of both our Tobacco and Swords books, along with six exclusive extras items – patches, bookmarks, and ex Libris labels for both books. Check it out here: />
How to edit your Kickstarter pledge:

Want to cancel your earlier preorder of Swords of the Emperor to get the Japanese bundle? end us a note here with your name, email, and order number and we will cancel and refund it:

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