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TT33 Tokarev at the BackUp Gun Match

My holster and mag carrier in this match are made by BattleGnome Solutions in Slovenia, and available worldwide exclusively from the Polenar Tactical web store:

I was talking to the guys who operate BattleGnome at Lynx Brutality this summer, as they also made the holster and mag carriers for the Arex Delta I used at that match. They are really cool, down-to-earth folks and had just finished prototyping a Tokarev holster. There are no modern options for a Tokarev holster, and I told them I would love to have a left-handed one when they were able to do a left-handed mold. Well, they did, and sent me this example. It allows lots of options in how it mounts to your belt, as well as being made for either hand and in several colors. They did a great job, and I’m quite happy to recommend their work to you.

Note: The holster fits TT30 and TT33 Tokarevs in original configuration, or with import safeties added to the trigger or slide. There are a couple import safety designs that put the safety just behind the trigger, and these do not fit properly.

Disclaimer: BGS did not pay for this beyond sending me the sample holster. If I didn’t think it was a good product I simply would not have shown it.

Oh, you want to know more about the Tokarev? I think the pistol is a much better gun than some people might give it credit for. It is slim and light, and this one at least has a quite good trigger. The lack of a safety is a hindrance from a modern carry perspective, but was not really an issue in its military application, where it would have been carrier chamber empty in a flap holster anyway. This example is a really nice 1942 dated Russian one, brought back by a vet.

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