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Patreon Q&A / State of the Channel November 2022

Here’s the Patreon post where the questions were asked:

Time stamps with thanks to (Sopwith Cameltoe)
1:36 Swiss Straight-Pull Series
2:09 Bottles clanking
2:26 Besonders selten
4:05 Rear locking lug weakness
9:25 Brandon’s Mum / Cap ‘n Ball
10:30 K31 Aperture Sight?
19:25 Collab w/ Jonathan; and Dale content
21:10 Best Swiss Beer
22:57 Europiss Lagers
23:30 Brutality with AIA Frankenrifle w/ modern optic
25:30 Zombie invasion
26:48 Learned from competition?
39:45 Local pricing after recent events?
43:17 Bolt action allergy
45:25 Euro switch to two-hand shooting of pistols?
48:39 Alpine brutality?
51:35 What era recommended for UK range toy?
54:29 How easy move to Switzerland?
56:06 Cheeky double. Triple!!
1:01:34 No 3 / No 4 rifle butt shape
1:03:55 AQWF
1:05:02 Billionaire funded dream builds
1:10:20 Martini-Henry Advice
1:13:40 Thank you for the questions
1:14:25 720p


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