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Small Arms of WWI Primer 167: British Contract Remington 14 1/2

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Ballistol’s Nostalgic Flask

Othais and Mae delve into the story of this classic. Complete with history, function, and live fire demonstration.

C&Rsenal presents its Primer series; covering the firearms of this historic conflict one at a time in honor of the centennial anniversary. Join us every other Tuesday!

Taofledermaus – Chain-Reaction of TEN Rifle Rounds: />
Prints/patches/shirts from the show:

Additional reading:
Les Revolvers et les Fusils Nagant
Claud Feys & Rene Smeets

The Classic Remington 14: Plus Models 14 ½ and 141
Ken Blauch

History of Remington Firearms
Roy Marcot

The Herald-Republican, Salt Lake City Utah
Tuesday July 19, 1910

British Secondary Small arms 1914-191 Vol 1: Rifles and Carbines
A.O. Edwards

British Secondary Small arms 1914-191 Vol 2: Aircraft Weapons, Machine-guns & Pistols
A.O. Edwards

Ammunition data thanks to DrakeGmbH

Animations by Bruno!

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