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M21 [M14 Sniper Variant] to 800yds: Practical Accuracy (XM21 | M14 SSR | XM25 | M25 SWS)

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The M21, is the M14 sniper variant that captured our attention on the hollywood screen. The elusive American Semi-Auto sniper variant serving from the Vietnam era all the way to the 2012 time frame during the Global War on Terror era… to righting Russian troops in… 2022?!

The M21 base rifle is not an easy project, as early armorers realized that the M14 was not an easy rifle to “accurize”… and yet up until the 2010 era, the M14 patterned sniper rifle seemed to be adored by many but understood by only a few snipers.

We delve into the M21’s intricacies, and how the rifle we show is actually a hybrid U.S. Navy M14 SSR and a proper M21.

Special thanks to
@The Armourer’s Bench
“M14 In Ukraine”

@Vintage Rifles Shooters Club

@9H Podcasts on Chernobyl and Pripyat (Episode 4)

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00:00 – SBI
00:08 – Intro
01:28 – COD4 alt level
03:59 – Stats Screens
04:55 – PA Course
05:55 – 9H Podcast
08:51 – Patreon – Utreon
09:52 – Debrief starts
10:21 – HISTORY: M14 sniper variants (U.S.)
19:34 – COD and 9H Podcast
21:12 – Range observations
25:11 – M118LR ammo
26:29 – Sniper doctrine
28:58 – Marksman (DM) consideration
29:45 – the M21/M14’s successors
31:30 – Final Words
33:13 – Analysis / Score
33:24 – speedway tease
33:42 – REDCON!

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