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Sauna, Sisu, and Sprinting: Finnish Brutality 2022 Day 1

Thanks to Varusteleka for putting on an absolutely magnificent match! I’m also very happy to have a line of merchandise now available with them: />
Finnish Brutality this year has expanded from 8 stages over two days to now 10 stages in two days – and there is also a new “Recon” division. That requires wearing all of the gear for Armored division (12kg minimum; armor plates, 3 magazines each of rifle and pistol ammunition, 1L of water, and a knife) and then running a 3km path after each stage, for a total of 30km over the two days of the match. I opted to try this for the challenge, so let’s see if I survive that idea…

Special thanks to Dr. Jackson Crawford for the Old Norse poem used in the intro! Check out his channel here:

A few gear notes:
My camo is all Finnish M05, from Varusteleka. The kilt is no longer offered, though. My rifle is a WWSD with an Aimpoint CompM5 and a Vortex 3x magnifier. Pistol is a Laugo Alien. Knife is an Anthropoid from Acta Non Verba. Plate carrier, backpack, and belt are also from Varusteleka. Boots are from AKU.

Full scores available here: />
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Cool Forgotten Weapons merch!

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