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End of the WWSD and KP15? KE Arms Needs Your Help!

KE Arms is fighting to defend itself from a shameful legal assault by GWACS Armory and Reed Oppenheimer, activist millionaire. They have racked up massive legal bills from the two years of lawsuit that have already passed, and with a trial scheduled for later this year the bills will only increase. If they are not able to see this through to completion, the KP-15 monolithic polymer lowers and the WWSD 2020 rifles along with them will disappear.

So, if you want to help KE or just want to get a lower, a rifle, or a bunch of lowers while you still can, please check out KE Arms web site and see what they have that you can use.

Here’s what GWACS doesn’t want you to know about the case, courtesy of Runkle Of The Bailey: />
My previous explanation of the situation:

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