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M16A2 to 500yds: Practical Accuracy …was Eugene Stoner wrong? [ USMC experiences in Iraq ]

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The M16A2 was the “improvement” of the venerable M16A1 with direct input from the U.S. Marine Corps. It is no secret that Eugene Stoner criticized some of the modifications went directly against his original design philosophies.

One the main controversies was the M16A2 rear sight. Some consider it a waste of money and to have too much adjustment compared to the simple M16A1 two-position sight, and purely to accommodate the 500yard U.S. Marine K-D (known distance) range rifle qualifications.

We brought on Brad Simmons, a U.S. Marine infantryman who was in the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003, and subsequently in Fallujah of 2004 to talk about the effectiveness and use philosophy of the M16A2 during that era.

Brad talks about the combat use of the M16A2, the different tips and tricks that he and his teammates employed and we dive deep into the topic to discuss whether there was a deeper philosophy behind the M16A2 rear sight.

Was Eugene Stoner correct to criticize that the M16A2 rear sights? Let’s find out together!

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00:00 – SBI
00:08 – Opening words
01:48 – Intro
02:45 – PA test
06:05 – Initial Impressions
08:26 – Patreon/Utreon
09:33 – Debrief
10:24 – Henry’s preference
11:50 – A1 – A2 changes
13:44 – Measuring tool
14:35 – USMC interview
16:25 – engagement distances
18:16 – M16A2 in CQB
20:27 – USMC and money
21:34 – Confidence in Iron Sights
24:52 – Eugene Stoner’s critique
28:31 – M16A2 Night fighting
30:54 – War stories / Podcast
33:39 – Barrel Length Advantage
37:36 – M16A2 in Wind
42:08 – Confidence & Competence
46:30 – Closing
47:47 – Analysis
48:08 – Speedway Tease

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