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Kevin Hogan’s Top 10 of the August Premier (2022)

When you auction over 45,000 firearms in a calendar year, comparisons come easy. It’s like the ad says, “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

So when RIAC President Kevin Hogan calls a gun the best we’ve ever seen, or a collection of Colt Single Action Army revolvers the best ever to come to market… it’s time to pay attention.

Here are Kevin’s Top 10 picks of the 2022 August Premier Auction. Prepare to see items at the very pinnacle of fine arms collecting.

0:03 – Fracassi engraved Rizzini shotgun
2:49 – Ulrich Colt Lightning and Winchester 1866
10:09 – Statue grip sword Schuyler, Hartley, & Graham
12:50 – Colt Single Action Army galore!
19:02 – Master engraved Smith & Wessons
26:20 – Golden Winchester 1894
29:40 – High Art from Morgenroth of Gernode
31:46 – Winchester 1 of 100 and 1 of 1000
38:45 – Finest known 1891 RAC Colt Cavalry
42:29 – McClatchie Root

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