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Angstadt Arms MDP-9: MP5 Meets AR15

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Angstadt Arms has recently released their MDP-9 carbine, an AR-type lower coupled with a roller-delayed blowback upper assembly. This is the same operating system as the much-lauded MP5, and Angstadt version of the design is remarkably light, handy, and simple. It is made specifically for Glock magazines, and is available in pistol and SBR configurations (the one in today’s video is an SBR). With a just-under-6″ barrel and side folding stock, it makes for a very compact package. I really like the weight, size, and simplicity, but I wish it came with a better trigger and ambidextrous safety. There are technically better magazines out there, but I do understand that the Glock wins on the basis of ubiquity.

Have a look at how the MDP-9 works today, and then stick around for tomorrow’s video, where I will take it out to the range to compare on the clock against an H&K SP-5!

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