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Fighting On Film Podcast: We Have Ways Fest Wind-down 2022

We were thrilled to be invited back to We Have Ways of Making You Talk‘s festival to put on our Fighting On Film War Movie Quiz. It was great to see old friends and new faces and speak to lots of FoF listeners. Thank you to everyone who took part in the quiz (it was played to an impressively high standard) and congratulations to the winners: WoodBert – Woody of WW2TV and Stuart Bertie. Our runners-up team DannyBoy also took home some goodie bags!

The festival had some amazing speakers and some exceptionally cool kit on display – everything from a Matilda I to an early M3 Lee tank which had been used as a range target! In this episode we not only recap some of our favourite parts of the weekend but also hear from historians and some FoF listeners as we asked everyone: Who is your favourite war movie character? We had some great answers!

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