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Perazzi & Fabbri: The Birth of Italian Gunmaking Legends

Two of the greatest Italian gunmakers in business today, Perazzi & Fabbri, were once a great partnership. When they split in 1965 Perazzi continued in the vein of competition-grade shotguns, while Fabbri pursued best quality game guns. Both brands continue to experience great success and reside at the very top of their respective crafts.

This Perazzi & Fabbri is one of approximately 300 shotguns crafted by partners. Their time together was brief, but the quality is unmistakable. A best quality sidelock from 1964, it is one of the most decorated in both its engraving and the quality of its stock.

Much like the vintage Ferraris of the 1960s, Perazzi & Fabbri shotguns are a classic, high performing design that paved the way for craftsmen that continue to embody quality and inspire their industries.

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