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SG 551 to 500yds: Practical Accuracy [French Special Forces Rifle]

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The SG551 has an interesting lineage as a well-used carbine for French Special Operations units like the Commandos Marines (French Naval Commandos / equivalent to US Navy Seals) and the famous GIGN… but there is a more interesting back story to this.

The SG551 was initially developed in conjunction with the SG550 under a Swiss Army requirement. Initially the concept of a main rifle (SG540 and then SG541) with a shortened Headquarters Carbine (SG543). However only the long SG541, and later the SG550 was a adopted and produced as a singular solution for the Swiss Army and the SG551 ended up as a rifle developed without adaptation by the Swiss Army. So how did it end up in French hands for special operations use?

How does the carbine shoot on a fixed course? We find out.

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