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Q&A 59: Questions for a Gun Shop Owner w/ Kurt Stancl

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Today we have a bunch of questions about gun shops, and I am joined by Kurt Stancl, of Bear Arms in Scottsdale AZ. You can find him at: />
0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:02 – How have online sales impacted the business?
0:03:55 – Profit margins on guns vs accessories
0:05:08 – How do you choose what brands and models to stock?
0:07:36 – And brands you don’t stock because of poor quality?
0:10:17 – Most popular rifle, pistol and shotgun in the middle price range?
0:12:38 – One thing you wish customers would stop doing in the store?
0:15:16 – Considerations for someone considering opening a gun store?
0:18:45 – Advice for someone getting a CCW / first gun?
0:22:59 – Trends in demand based on social media, video games, or current events?
0:26:57 – Most rare or obscure things to walk through the door?
0:29:34 – Does ATF behavior change or time, especially between different administrations?
0:32:13 – And really outrageous special orders?
0:34:03 – Do you cross-post inventory to GunBroker?
0:35:51 – Is the ban on Russian ammo impacting supply?
0:37:16 – Why do some shops charge so much for transfers?
0:40:06 – Biggest positive and negative changes in the business since you started?
0:43:10 – Most returned gun?
0:44:58 – What are some under appreciated brands?
0:46:36 – Are some distributors better than others to work with?
0:48:36 – Some shops are going out of business because of supply chain issues – is this a problem for you?
0:51:33 – Shops accepting (or not) C&R licenses
0:54:44 – Red flags for a customer in a new gun shop?
0:57:00 – Why do shops talk down to female customers?
1:01:20 – What do you enjoy selling the most?
1:02:32 – Qualifications you look for in new employees?

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