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300m WWSD 2020 With Scope – Bipod vs Sling vs Magpodded vs Free: Point of Impact Change

In which Mike takes another look at the deflection of the mean point of impact on the AR15 platform, this time with a #wwsd2020 at 300m for bipod, hasty sling, magazine rested and freehand, to see how much better it is than a non-freefloat M16A1 with pencil barrel.

M16A1 iron sights tested here:
M16A1 with Brownells Retro Scope tested here:

Varusteleka Woolshell Jacket available here:
Sling available here:

As a reminder, the original vid was looking at verifying results from various US army M16A1 test reports, namely on page 17 of this one: />
There’s also reference to the M16A2 from this report: />

AR15 AR-15 AR 15 .223 Remington 5.56 KE Arms

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