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Ukrainian Adaptation of PKTs to Infantry Use

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I have had several people send me this video, showing a Ukrainian shop converting PKT machine guns to an infantry configuration. The PK machine gun is used in a lot of Russian armored vehicles, but in vehicular form it uses a solenoid trigger, and doesn’t have a pistol grip or shoulder stock. The basic mechanism is identical to the standard PK/PKM though. So these mechanics are adding a grip and stock (and bipod) to the PKT receiver to adapt the guns to infantry use.

Interestingly, this was done a bunch in the US for a while. PK and PKM parts kits were a lot harder to get than PKT parts kits for a while, and a fair number of people built semiauto guns out of PKT kits – including essentially the same sort of modification these Ukrainians are doing now.

Original video:

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