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LPC Model 16: An AR With a Huge Helium-Neon Laser Built In

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Laser Products Corporation got its start in 1979, with a laser sight mounted atop a Colt Trooper .357 Magnum revolver. Shortly thereafter they introduced a range of other small arms with lasers fitted, including the Mini-14, Remington 870, and AR-15/M16. The whole line was intended for police use, as a way to aim the weapons in the dark. The lasers were large helium-neon gas tubes with rechargeable batteries. The LAPD did acquire Remington 870 shotguns with Laser Products laser sights for the 1984 Olympic Games security, and the laser also made an appearance in the movie Terminator (1984). These two things helped raise the status of the company, and they would go on to become Surefire, still around today in the same industry. Total production of the LPC Model 16, however, appears to be not more than a few dozen units. They were made in cooperation with Colt, as the upper receiver was modified substantially to fit the (factory-zeroed) laser assembly.

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