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SHOT Show 2022 Q&A: H&K’s Your Huckleberry!

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I decided to try a bit of an experiment for this month’s Q&A, and took questions from Forgotten Weapons Patreon and Utreon supporters to ask directly to exhibitors at SHOT Show 2022. It turned out quite a lot shorter than I was anticipating, but I think I got some good answers for you. Thanks to all the companies who showed up to SHOT this year, and to the folks willing to come on camera for me!

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – H&K: Will you introduce a 10mm pistol?
01:48 – M+M I industries: Will you release your 18″ DMR rifle in the US instead of just in Canada?
02:17 – Aimpoint: Will you offer a reticle other than just a plain red dot?
03:43 – S&W: Will you reintroduce the J-frame in .327, maybe with moon clips for .30 Super Carry?
04:14 – S&W: To what extent is the CSX a development of the 2011?
05:07 – Remington: What is the path forward for Remington firearms production?
07:02 – Brownells: What would it take to bring back the complete Retro rifles?
08:17 – Kalashnikov USA: Will you produce Dragunovs?
10:05 – Walther: How about larger capacity micro-compact pistols?
11:21 – DesertTech: Are you developing a BLK LBL bipod for the HTI or SRS bolt action rifles?

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