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Levergun Renaissance: The Marlin 1895WWG – “The Co-Pilot”

Lever guns helped win the west and have served for decades as a loyal hunting companion. In recent years, lever actions have seen a resurgence with a modern twist. Sure the classic walnut and blued steel are still out there, but they’re also being modernized by the next generation of shooters and hunters.

Synthetic stocks, quad rails, red dots, suppressors, scout scopes, and more are all commonly seen and give these lever guns a modern, survivalist makeover. One company that has been gussying up Marlin lever guns for some time is Wild West Guns out of Anchorage Alaska. The flagship offering, the Co-Pilot, takes a standard Marlin 1895, do a takedown conversion, throw in a custom trigger (WWG’s “Trigger Happy” kit), tune the action, beer up the extractor, and several other upgrades.

Our January 12 A&A Auction is a great chance to pick up a suped up Marlin 1895 at a significant discount from the original MSRP from Wild West Guns.

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