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GM6 Lynx .50 BMG Bullpup at the Range

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Today we have the Gepárd M6 Lynx out at the range to try out! My impression is that mechanically, the gun is very well constructed. Everything operated cleanly and smoothly, and there were no malfunctions of any kind. The magazine design in particular seemed very well thought out and built – and that magazine is a critical part of any self-loader that can easily cause lots of problems. The handling is a little awkward because of the long length of pull, and the recoil is definitely not “soft”. Reviewing the high speed footage after I got home, it is clear that the recoil impulse is typical of long-recoil actions. Namely, the bolt and barrel impact the rear of the receiver going pretty fast, and it is that impact that transfers the recoil impulse to the shooter. It is less unpleasant to shoot than the Zastava M93, to name one example, but still a beast of a gun!

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