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GM6 Lynx: The Hungarian Long-Recoil .50-Caliber Bullpup

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The Gepárd M6 is the result of nearly 3 decades of development. The Hungarian military first requested a .50-caliber anti-materiel rifle circa 1987, and the M1 design submitted was a single-shot rifle chambered for the 12.7x108mm Russian cartridge. This was an accurate gun, but slow to reload, and a semiautomatic M2 was developed shortly thereafter, followed closely by an M3 semiauto chambered for the 14.5x114mm (!) cartridge. By the late 1990s, improved versions of both the semiauto (M4) and a bolt action variant (M5) were being produced. Finally, the M6 emerged from the M4, giving the rifle its current form.

The M6 “Hiúz” (Lynx) is a long-recoil, rotating bolt rifle fed by a single stack 5-round magazine. It can use either 12.7mm Browning or 12.7mm Russian with a change of bolt and barrel, It is a bullpup design, and only usable right-handed. It is in current use by the Hungarian military as well as a handful of other military and security organizations and commercial/civilian sales.

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