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Bonus: Just Bloke’s Shooting and Instareactions at Desert Brutality 2021

Main video with talkthrough here:

Bloke went to Desert Brutality 2021. Here’s just his shooting, without any of that annoying blabla stuff. As a bonus, there’s instant reactions caught on the headcam with him, Karl and Ian ( @InRangeTV @Forgotten Weapons )

Mike was shooting Karl’s Norinco NDM-86 in .308 Win (Chinese SVD Dragunov) as DMR, Ian’s Browning Hi-Power in 9mm Para, and Ian’s Howa-made Armalite AR-180 with original Armalite 2.75 power scope!

Results here: />
Desert Brutality was held at the Cobalt Kinetics range in St. George, Utah, and was organised by @InRangeTV and @SinistralRifleman


AR18 AR-18 AR180

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