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Finnish Brutality 2021: Bloke’s Full Stages @Varusteleka #finnishbrutality

Bloke (Mike) and Chap (Fab) went to #Finnishbrutality2021 and competed in the ‘sleb squad. How did Bloke get on? Chappie’s vid is separate, so look out for it!

Finnish Brutality is a collaboration between @Varusteleka and @InRangeTV and is awesome beyond all recognition. You have no idea. we were shooting out the top of armoured vehicles, getting into freezing cold water trenches, shooting off the back of a moving truck, dragging a casualty into a tracked vehicle, shooing a Sako sniper rifle, and doing all manner of cool stuff. @Polenar Tactical were there too, and much alcohol was consumed. Absolute. Awesomeness.


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