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Weirdly Late “Buck-N-Ball” – Standard Arms 50 Caliber “Camp” Gun

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Standard Arms was an early (circa 1909) manufacturer of self-loading hunting rifles in the US. The made the Model G, a rifle which could function either as a self-loader or a pump action manual repeater. Unfortunately, is was tremendously unreliable and prone to breakage. In an effort to salvage something of use, the company introduced the Model M – a pump-only version. It can’t malfunction if it doesn’t try to function on its own, right? Well, it didn’t work, and the company went bust in 1912, and then again in 1914 after its creditors attempted to revive it.

However, one really rare model that Standard Arms also produced was the “Camp”. This is a .50 caliber smoothbore pump-only gun chambered for a proprietary cartridge similar to the .50-95. It was intended for shooting either small shot or single round lead ball loadings, rather like the Ishapore Arsenal single-shot SMLE conversions. Only an estimated 25-30 of the Camp guns were built, and this example is in outstanding condition.

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