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Seth’s Top 10 of the September Premier (2021)

The next installment of our September 2021 Premier Auction’s Top 10 lists comes from our lead historian! Seth has a high interest in the historic pieces, being a part of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, and his picks reflect that. They include many flintlocks, European pistols, powder horns, and civil war firearms. Like his picks? Hate them? Let us know in the comments!

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
1:11 – #10 Lot 1130 Twigg Silver Mounted Revolutionary War Era Officer’s Fusil, The George Moller Collection
2:39 – #9 Lot 70 Engraved Sharps Model 1852 Slant Breech Sporting Rifle
3:55 – #8 European Pistols
Lot 3344 Duke of York’s Tatham & Egg Over/Under Flintlock Pistol, The Richard P. Mellon Collection
Lot 1323 Pair of Claude Niquet Flintlock Pistols, The Tom Lewis Collection
Lot 3338 17th Century Pair of Chiseled Brescian Flintlock Pistols, Robert M. Lee Collection
Lot 1307 Crystal Palace Exhibition Gastinne-Renette Percussion Pistols, The Tom Lewis Collection
7:33 – #7 Lot 223 Civil War Phoenix 1855 Griffen 6-Pounder Cannon with Carriage
9:19 – #6 Powder Horns
Lot 1112 Samuel Davis Attributed New York Map Powder Horn
Lot 3082 Tansel Black Hawk War Powder Horn with Quilled Strap
Lot 3086 1775 Dated Engraved Large Powder Horn
11:14 – #5 Early Smoothbore American Long Guns
Lot 1097 Hans Jacob Honaker Attributed Flintlock American Smoothbore Gun
Lot 126 George Eister Attributed Flintlock American Long Rifle
Lot 1107 J.P. Beck Flintlock American Long Rifle
Lot 127 18th Century American Flintlock Smooth-Rifle
12:29 – #4 American Long Rifles
Lot 125 Flintlock American Long Rifle Attributed to John Bonewitz
Lot 3078 Documented Golden Age Southern Flintlock American Long Rifle
Lot 1145 Henry Pickel Signed Lancaster Flintlock American Long Rifle, The George Moller Collection
Lot 1121 Revolutionary War Era Jacob Dickert Flintlock American Longrifle, The George Moller Collection
14:05 – #3 Lot 3145 Historic Engraved and Silver Bacon Arms Co. Revolver, The Richard P. Mellon Collection
16:24 – #2 Lot 1139 Ellis-Jennings Four-Shot Flintlock Rifle, The George Moller Collection
20:10 – #1 Lot 170 A. Harrington Flintlock Rifle Attributed to Andrew Jackson

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